NEW Due Date to Apply: Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at 10 pm
Selected Students will be notified by May 10th, 2019Who can apply: High School Students that live in the Bronx and are serious about their artist life, are interested in pursuing a career in the arts or are working towards developing an artists portfolio. Students MUST commit to all 7 Saturday sessions.DATES: May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15 June 22, 2019. Each session starts at 12 noon and ends at 3 pm. Schedule may vary on the days that we have trips.

LOCATION: Classes and our final Art Exhibition will be held at our Studios at 240 E 153rd Street, Bronx NY 10471. Trips to studios/galleries or museum will be in the Bronx area.

What is Included: This project is free for students thanks to the generous donations of our community! All students will receive all art materials, one-of a kind Think/Create/Share Lab T-Shirt and a Metrocard to cover transportation costs to and from classes and trips. We will provide a light lunch and snacks for each session.

Teaching Artist: Elan Cadiz. Get to know her here:
Mentor Curator: Alexis Mendoza. Get to know him here:

The objective of this project is to engage a selected group of High School Students, that are passionate and committed to their artistic creation, to participate in a hands-on experiential seven-Saturday program. The program will guide and prepare them to develop an artistic life and habits, prepare a college competitive art portfolio and eventually prepare them to conduct interviews with higher education institution in hopes to join an arts program as a career path.

At the end of the project students should be able to:
1. Describe and understand the creative process and art techniques used by visiting or resident artists
2. Understand the process and practice of creating an art exhibition
3. Complete a series of art pieces based on a concept developed by themselves
4. Understand the process and practice on how to include their artwork into an artist portfolio
5. Describe their own creative process and artwork during the art exhibition

During this 7-Saturday Program Students will…
Week 1 (May 11): Explore different topics related to themselves as well as their communities in order to get familiarized with the creative process and to find inspiration and set goals.
Week 2 (May 18): Visit local galleries, museums and/or artists’ studio.
Week 3 (May 25): Build, deconstruct and refine the concept for their culminating Art Exhibition project and will begin to design the show.
Weeks 4 (June 1): Have Hands on studio time, creating art, and the drafts for the exposition. Teachers and Resident Artists/Curators will guide and mentor students during this process.
Week 5 (June 8): Have a second visit to local galleries, museums and/or artists’ studio. During this second visit students will have the opportunity to finetune their work through observing art, comparing and contrasting as well as gathering ways to improve their work.
Weeks 6 (June 15): Refine or redefine their art pieces. They will engage in peer reviews and or visiting/resident artist reviews. They will also focus on observing the setting, construction and reflective process required to create an art exhibition
Week 7: (June 22): Set up exhibition (12 to 3 pm) and Opening Reception (5 to 7 pm) .



“This Friday hip hop turns 44 & UVS’ll be celebrating with our summer school students in the Boogie Down. You & yours are welcome to join us in the amphitheatre at @khcc from 2-5 for the final day of our program.
To wrap things up, the one and only Grandwizzard Theodore will be joining us to show the kids how you do it.

Thank you to all who have made this possible.”


Uptown Vinyl Supreme web site


96 backers pledged $5,360 to help bring Uptown Vinyl Supreme’s Hip-Hop Summer School Program to the Kingsbridge Community Center this summer.

Hip-hop Summer School is a 5-6 week youth-based curriculum focusing on the 4 elements of Hip Hop (MC, DJ, Breakdance, Graffiti). Each element will be taught by expert artists in the field. Classes will focus on the history and modern-day application of the craft via hands-on learning, workshops, field trips, and special guests. At the end of the program each class will be responsible for contributing to a “4 Elements Jam” where students will apply what they’ve learned to create an authentic and unifying performance party. Graffiti students will create the backdrop/set, MC students will host, DJ students will provide music, and breakdance students will dance and perform. Each week the classes will have a specific focus.

Curriculum :

Week 1: Orientation (Introduction to Hip-Hop & Instructors)

Week 2: Birth of the break

(Exploring the record and the role it played in Hip- Hop and dance culture)

Week 3: Check the Rhyme

 ( Birth of the Emcee, Using words as a tool to move the people)


( The origin of the term B-Boy + B-Girl and the influence it had on the youth)

Week 5: Graffiti Artist ( The power of art to uplift the people)

Week 6: PARK JAM

Meet the Instructors :

Samson Da Poet ( Emcee Instructor) : Sammy “Samson” Maldonado is a Latino spoken word poet, songwriter, emcee from The Boogie Down Bronx. Samson is also one of the co founders and curator of a platform for media & performing arts entitled “Good Vibes Creative Minds”

IG: @Samsonpoet FB: Samson (Poet/Songwriter)

Cinema ( Breakdance Instructor) : Cinema embodies all aspects of the word Breaker. He is based out of the Bronx and continues to use dance as his weapon throughout the Tri-State Area.

IG: @chris_tree

Alexis Gonzalez (Graffiti Instructor): Alexis Gonzalez is a well connected graffiti artist from the South Bronx. She has been active in the graffiti community of New York City for six years and counting. She has worked with children and their families from her community to educate them on street art, graffiti and how to collectively create murals together.

LiKWUiD ( DJ Instructor): Hip Hop Fusion music artist, DJ, songwriter and educator, LiKWUiD (Stylez), born Faybeo’n LaShanna A Mickens has curated music for Photoville and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival’s Family Day. As an avid lover of house music, LiKWUiD’s style of djing is based around blending beats together as one tapestry of sound. She is a resident dj at Silvana and Angel of Harlem. As a songwriter, her film credits include placements with HBO Latina Films, IFC Films, Oxygen Network, MTV and several indie projects. LiKWUiD is fully committed to combining hip hop and education. The College of Charleston (BA) and St. John’s University (MBA) graduate has performed, presented workshops, lectures and participated on panels at academic spaces such as Columbia University, BAM, the Eleanor Roosevelt School for Girls, the Hip Hop Culture Center, Flocabulary, Comic Con and more. She currently teaches workshops at Red Hook Initiative, Scribble Art/Bread & Yoga and through her community jam session The Sifer.